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Smoky Quartz Pencil Necklace


Beautiful handcrafted sterling silver pendant.

A powerful super charged quartz crystal known as a grounding stone to help move through painful or difficult experiences. Leave the past in the past and move on toward a brighter future with the help of the Smoky Quartz crystal properties.

Smoky Quartz was sacred to the Druids. This stone represented the dark power of the Earth gods and goddesses.

Wearing Smoky Quartz allows you to access its grounding and stabilizing energy at all times.

*Please note that due to the fact that this is natural gemstone here may also be variations in the colour of each stone.*
  •  925 Sterling Silver
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Weight : 4.70 Grm
  • Measurement :Length: 38 mm X Width: 15 mm
  • 40cm sterling silver chain

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