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About Us

We are based in Rotorua, New Zealand and have been lucky enough to have travelled fairly extensively. Over the years I have picked up my pieces of treasures from various countries and friends. A dream catcher necklace from my husband when we first met travelling in Turkey, a greenstone sterling silver ring from Mum for my 21st, a hand carved Nyami Nyami pendant when we rafted the Zambezi, a sea horse bone carving from a road trip with my sister to the Bay of Islands, a tiny gold bracelet given to me when I was knee high to a grasshopper, Swarovski earrings from my wonderful sister-in-law, a handcrafted ceramic bracelet when taking the kids on an adventure with their South African grandparents in Swaziland, my first Hand of Fatima pendant from Morocco, a Day of the Dead necklace given to me on trip in Mexico, and on and on and on. Each of these brings back memories of time spent with friends, family and adventures.

A small portion of my treasure collected from various people & places.

I hope you can also create little memories with some Voodoo jewellery by either gifting it a close friend or treating yourself :-)

Thanks heaps for visiting our page!!

Chow for now, Anne


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